No-nonsense ‘Voice of the Customer’
and ‘Voice of the Employee’ programmes

We work with companies that:

  • Are worried the customer is not at the heart of everything they do
  • Believe employee feedback is as valuable to their business as customer feedback
  • Can’t see where to begin the process of service improvement
  • Are concerned about the best way to reduce complaints
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We are trusted by some of the UK's largest brands...

ServiceTick works with companies such as RAC, esure and Lloyds Banking Group to improve every interaction they have with their customers and thereby deepen the relationship with the brand.

Voice of the Customer programmes and surveys power Voice of the Customer...

We gather feedback via IVR, email, SMS, web, webchat, and in-app surveys. Your customers can provide feedback through whichever channel they choose to contact you. All our online surveys are optimised for mobile.

...and Voice of the Employee.

Relevant feedback (tailored to each level of your business hierarchy) is presented on our online dashboard. It can be viewed by anyone with appropriate access authority delivering insight directly into the hands of those who need to take action.

Voice of the Employee programmes and surveys
staff engagement and performance for Voice of the customer surveys
Our platform empowers and rewards frontline staff.

Staff can see their results in real-time and can be automatically awarded digital badges based on what customers are saying. They can also use our 1:1 feature to prepare for their performance review meetings.

It helps Team managers manage their teams.

The 'My Team' feature allows Team managers to track the performance of individuals in their team and manage actions they want the team members to undertake.

Team manager staff tools
online VoC and VoE reporting platform
It provides all the insights needed...

Our online platform includes a range of different bespoke reports ideal for analysts to perform company-wide reviews. Our click-through feature allows you to get to the heart of feedback with one click.

...and is driven by our survey technology, social activity or any data source.

We gather feedback via IVR (automated telephone survey), email, SMS, web, webchat, and in-app surveys.

Our 'Social Tracker' product monitors Twitter and gives you invaluable insight into what people are saying about your brand – and your competitors.

We can also import any 3rd party data that can connect to our robust APIs.

Web surveys, automated phone surveys, mobile surveys, Email surveys
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