5 (and more) ingenious ways to turn CX feedback into happy customers

In previous blogs I've quoted renowned adman Bill Bernbach and I make no apologies for doing so again. He once said,

“Logic and over-analysis can immobilize and sterilize an idea. It’s like love – the more you analyse it the faster it disappears.”

Anyone involved in customer experience will know that customer feedback is only ever as valuable as the changes to your business that result from the insight it generates. So here are 5 ideas that you could use to create an even stronger relationship with your customers. (Small plug.....all of these can now be delivered via ServiceTick's new software integration hub which offers the ability to link with over 750 different SaaS business management providers).

  1. Integrate survey responses with CRM system - Pushing survey responses into a CRM system as well as your online console gives visibility of how a customer felt about their last transaction. When they call your contact centre your agent could already be aware that the customer has struggled with your website and you can respond accordingly. Equally you could identify Promoters and target them with reward offers on goods or services.
  2. Publish customer comments to internal dashboards - Call agents get a real buzz when their performance is recognised by customers, by their peers and by their managers. Spoken or written comments in surveys can be pushed out in real-time to wall-boards in the contact centre providing morale-boosting recognition and encouragement.
  3. Real-time customer recovery or reward - by integrating survey responses with a SaaS provider such as Mailchimp you can instantly trigger outbound emails based on the survey scores the customer has given. NPS Detractors can be sent a holding message apologising and promising remedial action. Promoters could be offered a thank you note or even a promotional discount on future purchases.
  4. Pre-complaint management - integrating survey responses with a web-based help desk support tool (like Zendesk) means you can automatically create service tickets when a customer expresses dissatisfaction. Instead of responding with a pro-forma message you can tailor a response that tackles the issue they have raised, reducing the likelihood and cost of a full-blown complaint.
  5. More informed marketing - segmenting your customers based on their feedback means your marketing can be more tailored and more effective. Offers can be shaped specifically for brand enthusiasts or brand doubters; messages can reflect the level of engagement a customer has; conversations can reference the comments a customer has made. Personalisation has never been more achievable.

These are just 5 of the infinite possibilities that ServiceTick's recent integration with Zapier has made possible. Our new web-hook capability allows us to send individual response data to third parties automatically and in real-time. Using Zapier you can connect to over 750 different business-enhancing apps - including dashboards, databases, CRM or workflow management systems. (See the full list here). Or you can use our web-hook to create your own bespoke solution. If you want to find out more please get in touch.

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