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Remote working has been on the rise over the last few years, but the Coronavirus emergency has seen millions forced to work from home for the first time in their lives. Nations, businesses and the general public should be incredibly proud of how quickly they transitioned into these new ways of working. Still, it is often not an ideal situation for individuals - many work in less than perfect environments whilst juggling the stresses caused by these unprecedented times.

We have always had remote workers within ServiceTick, but now everyone is working from home. This new world presents new challenges, such as a lack of general visibility of how people are doing. Chat tools, such as Microsoft Teams, are fantastic at keeping connected. Still, it doesn't help with the little things that are easier to identify when people are in the same physical location - the frustrations, the niggles, the elements that are usually solved before they become more significant issues.

The question we asked ourselves within ServiceTick and the wider Davies Group in the early days of lockdown was this: 

"How can we best understand how our colleagues are coping, and how do we support them all effectively?"

Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing on a solution that helps answer that...

Introducing CheckIn

CheckIn app

'CheckIn' is an intuitive and powerful app that provides visibility of employee happiness.  

Every time you visit CheckIn you will be asked how you are feeling right now. If you are in distress, an alert goes to your manager or HR representative. It is a continuous tool that is always on and provides total visibility of people and sub-teams' wellbeing through our advanced hierarchy reporting.

We have been using CheckIn internally with great success, and now during this Mental Health Awareness Week we are delighted to announce that CheckIn is now available for free private beta.

We also pledge that CheckIn will remain free during the Coronavirus emergency.

You can request access to CheckIn or learn more about it at


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