How customer feedback can be more motivating than you sometimes expect

Sometimes we encounter something in our work life that doesn't quite fit with our expectations but which is both motivating and inspiring. Such is the case with ServiceTick's involvement with the Secret Pillow Project.

At our recent client forum we invited Fritha Vincent to talk about her company Secret Projects, a social enterprise that supports women in India who face significant challenges in realising their own personal development and that of their children. The enterprise deploys experts to run sewing workshops for groups of women who then make and sell Secret Pillows through a dedicated website. The workers get a fairer than fair trade price for their pillows and for the first time have bank accounts, business prospects and hope for the future. 

Since August 2017 ServiceTick has been helping Secret Projects by gathering feedback from customers who had bought Secret Pillows through the website. We had anticipated that feedback might help Fritha improve the product or streamline the ecommerce journey or manage the pricing policy. In fact the feedback had a far more visceral impact.

The power of positive feedback 

Many of the comments received from customers were extremely complimentary about the product and the project. Fritha was pleased to get favourable feedback but not until she shared these comments with the groups of women who sew (called Maker Networks) did she realise the impact they would have. The women in the Maker Networks are not used to being respected or valued nor do they get feedback when they sell through a middleman. So positive feedback from the people who had bought the products they made had a galvanising effect. It has inspired them to hone their skills yet further and respond to Fritha's requests for export-quality products; but more importantly it has given them renewed motivation and contributed to the sense of empowerment that the Secret Project was set up to deliver. It is this unmeasured ability for positive feedback to make people feel better about themselves that we too often forget about.

Get involved with Secret Projects

We're delighted to have made some small contribution to the success of the Secret Pillow Project. If our story has prompted you to do more you can help in three ways:

  • Visit the website to find out more about the enterprise.
  • Buy a Secret Pillow, Sari or Scarf. 
  • To celebrate International Women’s Day Secret Projects is running a campaign called 'Tell Her'. If you want to get involved please contact Fritha direct on

You never know where it might lead.


Thomas Cowper Johnson

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