How to publish real-time customer feedback direct to social media

Two weeks ago we announced a new web-hook capability that allows clients to link their ServiceTick customer feedback with over 750 different SaaS business management providers through Zapier. Over the course of the next couple of months we'll be explaining in a series of 'how to' blogs some of the more exciting opportunities provided by this new software integration hub. This week we highlight how customer feedback can automatically be posted to social media using ServiceTick & Buffer.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a social media management platform that lets you automatically schedule and publish posts for all your social accounts. Positive customer feedback collected by ServiceTick can be passed automatically to Buffer in real-time. This feedback can then either be published to your social media accounts automatically or placed in a queue within Buffer to be reviewed before going live.

How it works

Once the integration is configured, a customer fills in a ServiceTick survey and leaves a comment. Comments can be published from IVR, email, SMS, web or webchat surveys. The survey response is passed into Zapier where it is automatically checked to determine if the response matches the requirements to be published on social media (i.e. if the customer has scored positively and left verbatim). If the criteria are met, a social media post is automatically formatted using the feedback received. This is then sent to Buffer’s queue to be reviewed.

The post can now be edited in Buffer and then be published to social media account(s) by clicking the ‘share now’ button. The feedback will then appear on your social media accounts. Real customer feedback can be formatted automatically and published without intervention to your social media accounts.

Alternatively, these posts can be reviewed before publishing and can go live with the click of one button. We can connect with other social media management tools, such as SocialPilot and Meet Edgar.

What's the benefit?

Social media has become a vital element in the building of brand relationships. A recent study by Edelman suggested that, as a source of information, people are three times more likely to believe individuals than they are institutions. Trust our friends more than official sources means that social media has overtaken paid media in terms of credibility. By posting positive customer reviews to social media brands can credibly reinforce the sense that they offer a positive customer experience.

What next?

If you want to find out more about how to post positive feedback to your social media accounts (or about any one of the 750 ways we can help you make more of ServiceTick) please call your usual ServiceTick contact or me on 01603 618326. I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Middlege

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