Introducing our new 'Voice of the Employee' proposition - hear what your employees have to say!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new 'Voice of the Employee' proposition, designed specifically for HR professionals and Team/Department managers.

We have drawn on our extensive experience of Voice of the Customer projects to create our 'Voice of the Employee' programme that delivers accessible and immediate insight into the state of your company. Relevant feedback (tailored to each level of your business hierarchy) is presented on our online dashboard. It can be viewed by anyone with appropriate access authority delivering insight direct into the hands of those who need to take action.

Distribute Annual and/or ad-hoc (pulse) surveys to your employees via email

Not just a ‘point in time’ snapshot, our programmes give you a year-round view of how your colleagues are feeling. We can combine an annual (or biannual) survey with regular pulse surveys that take the temperature on key metrics throughout the year; giving you a more rounded view of how your colleagues really feel.

Voice of the employee survey

All survey responses are anonymised but can be filtered (e.g. by Department or Location)

VoE responses

Owned by area

Insight is available online as soon as the surveys are completed. Access can be granted to team managers, as well as HR and insight colleagues, who can view the data for their team and develop action plans accordingly.

Voice of Employee viewing response

All data is logged within our online ‘Voice of the Employee’ platform and includes a wide selection of reports

Voice of the employee dashboard


If you have any questions at all about 'Voice of the Employee' please don’t hesitate to contact your Account team or if you're new to ServiceTick contact Kate on / 07968819147.


Download 'Voice of the Employee' brochure


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