Introducing a new way to gather real-time feedback - the 'Reactions widget'

If you've been through an airport recently you may have seen a stand with an array of coloured buttons ranging from red to green and a question, asking you to rate your experience. We believe that this kind of instant sentiment survey has a role to play at the right time and in the right place. So we are delighted to introduce our latest product offering – the ServiceTick Reactions Widget. 

The Reactions Widget is a customisable micro feedback tool that can measure customer experience on any digital channel. Think of it as a 1 question survey that gives you an instant measure of sentiment whenever someone transacts with you through a digital channel.

How does it work?

The standard Reactions Widget uses classic sad/smiley faces to encourage interaction; but you can replace these with whatever you want (numbers, text, your own branded icons or dodgy emojis). When your customer clicks on an icon their sentiment is recorded and they are presented with the option of explaining why they felt that way. The results can be aggregated and analysed in the ServiceTick console as usual.

Where would I use it?

The Reactions Widget can be dropped into any digital environment where all you want is a snapshot of sentiment: marketing websites; checkout and payment processes; social media; personal email signatures; webchat; marketing emails.

We believe the 'Reactions Widget' will complement our range of IVR, SMS, web and email surveys - particularly in the field of B2B feedback. When dealing with intermediaries or other business customers, with whom you may have multiple transactions each week feedback surveys have to be handled with care. You don't want to inundate your clients with survey requests but you do want something more than an occasional view of how they feel about the relationship. Appending the Reactions Widget to emails gives your clients the option to praise great service or highlight where the experience has been less good.

Try it for yourself and let us know how you feel about our new solution.... 

How do you feel about our Reactions widget?
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If you want to find out more about our Reactions widget please call your usual ServiceTick contact or me on 01603 618326. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Middlege

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