ServiceTick integrates with SessionCam to provide 360 degree view of online customer struggle.

ServiceTick is pleased to announce an enhanced two-way integration with SessionCam, a leading innovator and provider of intelligent website optimization solutions.

The original integration between ServiceTick and Sessioncam meant that, where feedback to a web survey had been provided, clients could watch SessionCam recordings from within the ServiceTick reporting console. This proved very popular in helping brands to map the user journey for those customers whose journey proved less than satisfactory.

New VoC metrics for advanced segmentation

This integration has now been taken a step further by enabling ServiceTick to pass feedback data from its web surveys back into SessionCam. SessionCam clients who use ServiceTick as their VoC solution are now able to further segment their data by VoC metrics. For example, they can analyse conversion funnels by net promoter score or create heatmaps based on customers’ levels of satisfaction or effort. This additional segmentation capability will open-up new clarity of insight that can be used to improve website conversion.

Enriching VoC with the Customer Struggle Score

Crucially, the enhanced integration also allows data from SessionCam’s unique machine-learning Customer Struggle Score to be passed back into ServiceTick. Clients can now investigate the links between customer feedback (what the customer feels about the online journey) and correlate this to the amount of struggle evident within a customer's online journey.

“We are the first customer experience (CX) vendors in the marketplace to be able to include a measure of a customer’s struggle alongside a customer’s feedback,” Says Richard Churchill, Chief Product Officer of SessionCam. “Our message to brands is simple: eliminating customer struggle on your website will improve customer satisfaction and brand advocacy and, ultimately, this will be great for your business.”

Thomas Cowper Johnson, Insight Director at ServiceTick adds: “Our clients constantly tell us that their most important learnings have come from listening to customers who are dissatisfied with the experience they have encountered. This enhanced integration with SessionCam lets us understand and analyse that experience in a much clearer way than ever before.”

The new integration is available to existing customers of both ServiceTick and SessionCam. A full demonstration is available on request.

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