Supercharge ServiceTick with our top 5 integrations

At ServiceTick we take pride in providing enterprise-level customer experience solutions to some of the most trusted brands in the UK.

We believe customer feedback can be used as the fuel that powers internal business improvements and external customer processes. Due to this, we’ve created a range of integration capabilities that provide our clients with the ability to seamlessly connect ServiceTick with thousands of other products, from CRM solutions to social media managers and beyond.

The following are our top 5 integration options. If you would like to learn more about these and other integration options, please contact us or speak with your dedicated ServiceTick Account Manager.


1. ‘Bespoke insights reports’ with Zoho reports

Our ServiceTick console has a range of dashboard and insights capabilities designed for a variety of different use cases, but our integration with Zoho Reports allows us to extend this by having custom dashboards configured to your specific business needs.

These dashboards are powered by data collected by the ServiceTick customer feedback platform & reporting features provided by business intelligence and analytics software Zoho Reports. Other data you collect can be blended with ServiceTick data to give you a complete customer picture.

A variety of data visualisation options are available in Zoho Reports, including pivot tables, funnel charts and radar charts.

ServiceTick can provide a complete end to end solution and will work with you to get reports created to your exact need.


2. ‘Social Media Broadcaster’ with Buffer

Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive social media results.

Our integration with Buffer allows you to easily publish feedback collected from ServiceTick surveys on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

We securely pass non-sensitive customer feedback to Buffer, which is then placed in a queue to review. You can review each bit of feedback and then in one click publish the anonymised comments.

Buffer also has a variety of other capabilities, such as preformatting messages, scheduling publication of feedback and analytics.


3. ‘Contact Centre wallboards’ with Geckoboard

We can bring feedback into the heart of the contact centre by automatically streaming positive customer comments onto TV dashboards (also know as ‘wallboards’) with our integration with Geckoboard.

Geckoboard is a dashboard software solution that allows you to build clear, effective TV dashboards that keep front-line teams informed, motivated and aligned around your KPIs. Customer feedback collected by ServiceTick can be published automatically and in real-time via Geckoboard screens to screens in the contact centre or wherever you choose.

The TV dashboard displays real customer feedback in a number of ways. For example, it could display the latest customer comment, a count of the responses received today or the Net Promoter Score for this month. Other statistics from your own systems/processes can also be displayed on the same TV dashboard.

4. ‘Social Media Share buttons’ with AddThis

Our Web and Email survey products can now empower your customers by providing them with the ability to publish their thoughts about your business on social media in two clicks by using our integration with AddThis.

AddThis is a popular suite of tools used by over 15 million websites that help you get more likes, shares and followers on social media.

We can now embed AddThis share buttons in our surveys. These buttons allow your customers to automatically share the comments they have previously entered in the survey on Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. The message they post can be preconfigured to include your website URL and the option can be targeted using the NPS question to maximise the likelihood of recommendation.


5. ‘Mobile notifications’ with Pushover

ServiceTick has advanced Email alerting capability that sends messages to appropriate individuals in your organisation when customers provide certain survey answers (such as using profanity or scoring negatively). However, Email isn’t always the best channel for digital communication, such as for organisations that don’t allow Email on mobile phones and for senior individuals that don’t want an overflowing inbox. This is where our integration with Pushover comes in…

Pushover makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone or iPad. The Pushover app needs to be installed on your device and once configured you will then start receiving notifications based on customer activity. For example, senior individuals can receive notifications when a customer mentions an industry regulator within their survey feedback.

The notification will appear in your mobile's notification bar and can appear on the lock screen. It can include a high-level summary of the alert and a link to the associated feedback within our console.


If you would like to learn more about our integration options, please contact us or speak with your dedicated ServiceTick Account Manager.

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