Why customer experience has become the primary battleground for brands and brand management

In the last four decades we have witnessed the greatest change that we have ever seen in the management of brands. Forty years ago there was just one commercial TV channel in the UK, the internet wasn't even a gleam in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee, there were twice as many bank branches, three times as many bookshops and ‘social media’ meant a pin-board in the pub. Seismic change (fomented by the explosion of new technologies) mean that brands have moved away from the 4 Ps of traditional brand marketing and must now focus on creating a differentiated and authentic customer experience.

The brand and marketing landscape is shifting

According to AdAge there are now four consultancies - Accenture Interactive (No. 6), PwC Digital Services (7), IBM iX (8) and Deloitte Digital (9) - ranked in the top 10 of the world's biggest advertising agency companies. These same consultancies are also busy acquiring specialist customer experience businesses. What these consultancies are reacting to was simply expressed by Brian Whipple an ex-ad agency executive now working for Accenture Interactive. He said, "We don't believe brands are built from advertising anymore. They are built from an amalgamation of customer experiences, so that is what we are focused on."

Tell me more

Our latest white paper examines this phenomenon and offers some opinions on how to build a customer experience that can become the focus of your brand programme:

  • explaining how we have moved from an Age of Consumerism, through the Age of Information and into the Age of Experience
  • examining why the traditional 4 Ps of marketing (Product, Promotion, Price and Place) have been largely overtaken by the Customer Experience Ps of Process and People
  • exploring the four, timeless strategic pillars that will help differentiate brands in the Age of Experience
  • and suggesting seven key steps that will help you to deliver a truly branded customer experience

You can download a free copy of our new white paper here. I'd be fascinated to hear your views.

Thomas Cowper Johnson

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