Our Partners

The best partnerships are built on shared goals.

ServiceTick exists to improve customer experience in UK companies
by letting them listen to the true voice of their customers and driving
action that demonstrably improves every customer interaction.

If you share this aim and would like to learn more about partnering
opportunities with ServiceTick please get in touch.

Our partnership options
We have dedicated partner programmes for all kinds of business

Research companies

Traditional research agencies that don’t have their own solutions for real-time IVR, SMS, email or web surveys

Consulting Partners

Management consulting and Professional services firms seeking to support their programmes with customer feedback


Firms looking to support brand tracking / development projects or proposition development programmes

Technology Partners

Telephony or process management platforms that want to include a customer feedback loop

Digital agencies

Web agencies that want a clearer picture of the online customer journey or seek insight on basket abandonment
Are you interested in becoming a ServiceTick Partner?
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