Data integration

APIs allow different software programs to connect to each other, enabling the exchange of information (such as survey or customer data) or requests for action (such as triggering a survey).

Think of an API like two bits of Lego - if the body of the bricks are individual pieces of software, then the API is the equivalent of the studs and slots that allow them to connect to each other.


Our APIs provide the capability to:

Initiate surveys

For example, you can start an outbound IVR, SMS or email survey when a new customer is created in your customer relationship management system (such as Salesforce).

Import data

This allows you to get external data into the ServiceTick reporting console, such as data from surveys not directly provided by ServiceTick. Alternatively, you can enrich survey data with additional layers of information, such as a segmentation model of your customer base.

Export data

This allows you to easily extract all the customer feedback we have collected for further analysis or importing into your CRM.
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