Insight & analytics

We provide robust enterprise-level reporting. Our online portal includes:

  • Dashboard - view a snapshot of your key metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (customer satisfaction)
  • Response view - drill into specific survey responses left by your customers
  • Survey Insights - see an aggregated view of all questions across your surveys
  • KPI tracking - trend your KPIs over time to assess your ongoing performance
  • Agent/team reports - specifically designed for Call Centre environments, these reports allow you to align survey responses to individuals and as such assess/track employee/team performance
  • Alerts performance - review how many alerts have triggered today, over a specific date and trended over time
  • Verbatim coding - categorise verbatim comments left by your customers and analyse how important these categories are by analysing with your KPIs
  • Distribution analysis - review the methods that surveys have been distributed (Email, IVR, SMS etc.) and their associated performance
  • Filtering on all reports - All reports are filterable by survey and our Enterprise plan provides custom filters that allow you to slice-and-dice the information by team/department/brand or anything else you require.
  • Exports - all response data can be exported to CSV or alternatively can be accessed via our robust APIs
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