Staff engagement and performance

Advances in customer feedback have coincided with a desire for significant cultural change in many organisations (sometimes prompted by regulators, sometimes by a genuine desire for a different approach). This has resulted in a shift away from traditional operational efficiency metrics (FCR, AHT) and sales-based incentives towards performance management programmes based on customer perceptions of service delivery.

Many of our clients use the voice of the customer to provide the key metric to manage and reward agent performance in the contact centre.

Our approach is to empower staff by providing access to customer feedback data that is relevant to them. Key features include:

Self coaching

Front-line staff can view their KPIs and verbatim feedback left by customers that they have interacted with via our customisable online dashboards.


Agents can benchmark their performance against their peers via our leaderboard feature. They can also see if they are above or below company targets for your key performance indicators.

Gamified experience

Badges are automatically awarded based on performance and engagement with the platform. Staff can also be awarded badges manually by their Team Manager.

1:1 / Appraisals

Ensure staff appraisals and meetings are customer feedback driven by using our 1:1 preparation wizard
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