Mobile apps


  • Offline and online survey collection - allow your mobile app users to complete surveys regardless of whether they have Internet access
  • Multi-point and multi-survey app integration - collect feedback in different surveys at different points in your app, using our suggestions or your own preferred triggers
  • Full integration with the ServiceTick console - survey responses will be displayed alongside those from other channels in the console you are already familiar with
  • Open source SDK - know what you're putting in your app - the ServiceTick SDK is Open Source
  • Android and iOS support - (coming soon) support users on both major mobile platforms

Use Cases

  • Help prevent low scores on the Play Store or App Store by collecting feedback, helping users with problems and encouraging promoters to leave positive reviews
  • Gain feedback on specific actions within your app, by surveying at the end of a defined process (for example, money transfer, in-app purchase etc.)
  • Diagnose crashes by using a survey to ask exactly what a user was doing at the point of failure
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