Telephone/Call centres
ServiceTick is one of the leading providers of post-call IVR survey solutions in the UK. Post-call IVR surveys are easy to set-up and provide a cost-effective method of collecting real-time customer feedback.


  • IVR surveys can be delivered on the back of in-bound calls either by agent transfer or by out-bounding surveys to customers who have opted in during an initial IVR selection process.
  • Customers and prospects leave their responses as touch-tone key presses and. in their own words, as free-form comments.
  • Customer comments are captured as sound files and automatically transcribed by our voice-to-text conversion capability. We achieve a 95% accuracy rate and comments are transcribed in a couple of minutes.
  • Custom data that identifies the customer, the business process and the agent can be automatically attached to each response and used to segment results. Outbound IVR surveys can be sent to any landline or mobile telephone number.
  • ‘Red flag’ alerts can be triggered by any score or any pre-determined word left in a customer’s comment. Different alert types can be emailed to different individuals.
  • Verbatim prompts can be linked to any question in the survey and tailored to responses (“We’re sorry you did not find us easy to deal with; please tell us why?”).
  • The optimum length for an IVR survey is between 5 and 8 questions (but the number of questions asked can be expanded by alternating individual questions across the sample so 50% answer question 3a and 50% question 3b).


  • Real-time feedback creates an opportunity for instant customer recovery.
  • Higher response rates than web, email or SMS.
  • Audio captures the emotion of a customer’s feedback, as well as its content.
  • Customer-centric approach - comment option allows the customer to define precisely what went wrong or right.
  • Low-cost (compared to traditional CATI interviewing) allows robust sample sizes to be gathered – even at the individual agent level.


IVR surveys are particularly effective in:

  • Agent performance management and remuneration.
  • Customer recovery.
  • ‘Coaching in the moment’ for front-line staff.
  • Voice of the customer programmes.
  • Identifying improvements in process and proposition.
  • Dramatising customer feedback by replaying audio files.
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