Team management

Good team and department management is key to any organisation.

The most successful 'Voice of the Customer' and 'Voice of the Employee' programmes are when managers and their team members are at its heart. 

Many of our clients use the voice of the customer to provide the key metric to manage and reward agent performance in the contact centre.


Our approach is to empower Team managers and department leads by providing their areas data and providing management tools. Key features include:


The My Team feature provides Team Managers detailed reports of each team member: the scores achieved, their engagement with the platform, the badges they have unlocked and more!

Assign actions

Assign actions to direct reports and track via our 1:1 tools. Actions are ideal for annual objectives and are displayed in the team member's dashboard.

Issue management

Automatically receive alerts via Email when a customer has responded negatively following on from an interaction with a member of your team.

Reward staff

Provide your team members with badges through our toolkit. For example, award a badge for outstanding performance, attending charity events and at key life milestones.
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