Self service tools

Our self service tools are available for gathering feedback via the Online (Web/Email) channel. Managed via the ServiceTick console, you decide question set and look of each survey.


  • Customisable survey design – surveys reflect your own brand identity (logo, colours, language).
  • All question types supported – choose from Tick box (multi select), Radio buttons (single select), Text box (single line text box), Text area (multi line text box), Select box (drop down), Matrix.
  • Pre-set KPI questions - Standard wording for NPS, CSAT and Effort questions (or create your own).
  • Easy editing – simple and intuitive editing process includes ‘drag and drop’ re-ordering.
  • Website Springboard – Launch surveys on your website. Set up in minutes, simply add our tag and select how you want it to launch. Surveys can be prompted by mouse-click, screen tap on specific site features, web page loads, clicks into a feedback button.
  • Range of configuration options - delayed Launch; IP address restrictions; repeat launching restrictions; random selection - only a sample of users are surveyed.
  • Alerting - configure Email alerts to be notified when customers provide low numeric responses or mention certain key words (disappointed, complaint, Ombudsman).
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