While our main activity is to gather feedback, our main purpose is to ensure that the insight generated leads to a return on investment. Our consultancy services have helped clients: demonstrate the business value of an improved NPS score; identify how to reduce the customer struggle; target training resource where it is most needed; improve product propositions; embed a brand ideology across the organisation.

These are some of the ways in which we apply consultancy:

  • Best practice survey design – ensuring that surveys are structured to generate: maximum response rate; minimum drop-off; actionable insight based on the client’s objectives
  • Verbatim analysis – supporting clients in the creation of an appropriate coding framework; classifying verbatims, and mining customers comments for the insight that leads to process and proposition improvement
  • Key driver analysis – identifying the primary drivers of KPIs such as NPS, Effort or CSAT
  • Issue prioritisation – when multiple issues are surfaced it’s important to know which to tackle first. Our ‘Issue Severity Index’ combines volume of comments with a thematic score to identify which give customers the greatest cause for concern or emotional hassle
  • Customer journey development - mapping your customers’ journey to identify the crucial touchpoints and moments of truth where the customer’s impression of your brand is shaped
  • Process and proposition development – using robust volumes of customer feedback to identify where and how to process and products can be made to work better
  • Brand development – identifying and embedding appropriate brand behaviours across the organisation
  • Benchmarking - the majority of our clients use a combination of NPS, CSAT or ‘ease of doing business’ (Effort) to track service delivery; and most of them ask questions to determine satisfaction with specific agent behaviours. This means we have a considerable body of data that allows us to benchmark individual client scores against a group of brands. And because most of our clients are running continuous survey programmes we can also track and trend KPIs over time. ServiceTick benchmarks are considerably more robust than those prepared by Satmetrix or the Institute of Customer Satisfaction because of the methodology we use and the sample sizes we achieve (running into tens of thousands of surveys per month). And because our surveys tend to be served in response to recent transactions they offer a much truer picture of customer sentiment.
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