Small business

Why would you care what your customers think if you’re part of small or medium-sized business? We believe there are several very good reasons:

  • A customer that tells you they’re disappointed in your product or service can influence a large number of their friends, family and colleagues. If you can trap that negative feeling and turn it around, you can create customers who will actively endorse you. Your reputation is everything in this world.
  • Sometimes you think everything is going well, but there might be a growing niggle or issue that you’re not aware of. Maybe it’s the quality of your product, or the state of your customer service. If you catch it early you can fix it before it becomes a massive problem and costs you significant money. Always be listening.
  • Let your customers tell you what else you could do that they would value. If you ask the right question, your customers (and prospective customers) will give you a lot of insight into what else you might do, or how you might choose to do things differently.
  • COMING SOON: Benchmark your service against other companies in your sector or of a similar size. You will soon be able to work out if you’re good at what you do, and then be able to display a verified customer satisfaction score on your website if you choose to.

We’re an SME business ourselves, so we know all too well the importance of spending your money on the right things and at the right price. Although you can get by without listening to your customers, we believe you’ll do even better if you do. And if you’re going to choose a supplier of surveys, why not pick someone who’s been working with some of the world’s biggest companies for over a decade to understand the best ways of collecting feedback? Our Standard plan (priced at just $50 per month) has been designed to meet those needs.

If you’re a small business the Free plan may give you everything you need (why not try it and see?), but with Standard you’ll also get the tools that will help you easily email out your surveys, and a larger monthly cap so you can gauge even more customer feedback.

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