Social Tracker

Many companies have implemented Voice of the Customer programmes that deliver structured feedback about what their customers are thinking. However, it’s often the unstructured feedback they share on social media that is more revealing about customers’ perceptions of a brand. That’s why we created our 'Social Tracker' product, which gives you invaluable insight into what people are saying about your brand – and your competitors – on Twitter.

With Social Tracker you can:

  • Track tweets that mention your company name and associated terms.
  • Receive email alerts when specific keywords are used in those tweets.
  • See all activity in real-time via the reporting platform.
Social Tracker drives measurable business benefit:

Competitor benchmark

Monitor what people are saying about your competitors, compare how people feel about you vs your rivals and identify competitors’ customers who are dissatisfied with their experience.

Emotion score

Each Tweet that we capture is processed by our Emotion engine and an overall score calculated for all tweets in a given period. This gives you, in one glance, an overall sentiment rating for unstructured comment about your brand on Twitter.

Real-time reporting

Our online platform provides real insight into what people are saying, and how they are feeling. Our dashboard can be configured to suit your needs, and navigating between the various ServiceTick products is made easy via our convenient switcher
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