Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is the process of gathering feedback from customers on their experience of a particular product or service and then acting on that feedback. 

ServiceTick works with companies such as RAC, esure and Lloyds Banking Group to improve every interaction they have with their customers and thereby deepen the relationship with the brand.

We gather feedback via IVR, email, SMS, web, webchat, and in-app surveys. Your customers can provide feedback through whichever channel they choose to contact you. All our online surveys are optimised for mobile.

We recognise that our clients have different structures and different objectives so each solution is focused on your objectives and your business strategy.

Our clients get measurable value from the customer feedback we deliver:

Agent performance

Advances in customer feedback have coincided with a desire for significant cultural change in many organisations (sometimes prompted by regulators, sometimes by a genuine desire for a different approach). This has resulted in a shift away from traditional operational efficiency metrics (FCR, AHT) and sales-based incentives towards performance management programmes based on customer perceptions of service delivery. Many of our clients use the voice of the customer to provide the key metric to manage and reward agent performance in the contact centre.

Brand management

Brands have moved away from the 4 Ps of traditional brand marketing and must now focus on creating a differentiated and authentic customer experience. This can be measured, defined and reinforced by customer feedback that identifies how brands can build a stronger branded relationship with their customers.

Closing the loop

Low scores and keywords in surveys can be used to trigger alerts directed to specified individuals in your company. By responding to these with a customer recovery initiative you can reduce complaints, create advocates and win back business.

Improved process

Voice of the customer combines robust sample sizes with open-ended customer comment. The free-form responses can be very detailed and, by grouping them together by theme can offer a comprehensive view of issues that need to be addressed.


'Treating Customers Fairly' question types can be used to meet the demands of regulators, giving clients hard evidence of the fact that customers feel they have been treated fairly.
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