Voice of the Employee

ServiceTick draws on its extensive experience of Voice of the Customer projects with clients such as Lloyds, esure and RAC to deliver Voice of the Employee programmes that deliver accessible and immediate insight into the state of your company. Relevant feedback (tailored to each level of your business hierarchy) is presented on our online dashboard. It can be viewed by anyone with appropriate access authority delivering insight direct into the hands of those who need to take action.

We gather feedback via email but we can anonymise the results. All our online surveys are optimised for mobile. We recognise that our clients have different structures and different internal objectives so each solution is geared towards your needs.

We work with companies who

  • Want insight into how their colleagues are feeling more frequently than once a year
  • Struggle to generate actionable insight from their employee survey
  • Believe employee feedback is as valuable to their business as customer feedback
How ServiceTick Voice of the Employee surveys drive measurable business benefit:

Ongoing feedback

Not just a ‘point in time’ snapshot, our programmes give you a year-round view of how your colleagues are feeling. We can combine an annual (or biannual) survey with regular pulse surveys that take the temperature on key metrics throughout the year; giving you a more rounded view of how your colleagues really feel.

Owned by area

Insight is available online as soon as the surveys are completed. Access can be granted to team managers, as well as HR and insight colleagues, who can view the data for their team and develop action plans accordingly.

Real-time feedback

Because the feedback is instant issues can be addressed without waiting three months for the research company to present back. Recognition of issues and development of plans to address them can be fast-tracked.

Reporting console

Insight is presented in a number of reports that are structured to deliver relevant insight to those who can respond.

Flexible approach

ServiceTick VoE surveys can be adapted to any circumstance. We can create multi-question surveys using industry standard question sets or recommend survey structures that match the vision and values of the company.
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